Peer Pressure; My Experience.

Peer pressure is a very real issue that affects many teenagers and even adults of the world today. Society offers many misleading advertisements that seem to lead teens in wrong directions though peer pressure could be positive. But in the world today, the negative ones out number the positive ones.

Coming from LA, a suburb of Accra, I was introduced to all forms of danger and pressure one can think of. The common ones are the brother, sister and cousin; I mean drinking, smoking and having unprotected sex. I kept turning like a robot, from angle zero degrees to three — sixty and even beyond, but couldn’t locate refuge.

Growing as an adolescent in high school, peers encouraged me to go in for a lady I spotted during an inter — school games. Approaching the lady was a whole problem on its own but due to pressure and bad encouragements from friends, I approached the girl without having a second thought on any implications. I was also thinking about satisfying myself with regards to what I feel. My bad dream of having the lady as a girlfriend came through based on pressure from both sides. What a great achievement, I thought. What next, I asked!

Now, I became more concerned with my appearance and behavior in public than before, especially when the lady is around. I spent hours polishing my shoes, ironing my cloths and dressing just to make sure I appear neat when we meet each other coincidentally. Ninety per cent of thinking was dedicated to her and sometimes act awkwardly to have a concept of how she will behave towards me. Funny isn’t it!

My leisure at school served as a platform for discussion on the lady as a topic with friends of mine. Not forgetting the eye to eye communication and all the letters we wrote to each other, the love was deep. Precisely, it was a first love.

In a way, there was a decline in my academic performance and on the other hand, I learned how to appear neat and behave in public.The effect was a balanced one, but to some it’s a different story all together. Some end up being child mothers and fathers who do not have the capabilities of taking care of a baby, issues of school dropout comes in. Not to talk of maternal mortality and the mountain of challenges accompanied with.

Self control can solve the issue of peer pressure; parent to child better relationship is the key of all. It takes a parent to build the capacity of their ward at a younger age, continues, and grows with it.

Charity begins at home and never ends there.

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