What was your dream when a child?

How did you choose that dream?

Did you leave to that dream; if not — WHY?

Every child has a dream and it is the role of every parent or caregiver to support them in fulfilling their dream and achieving full potential. Children choose their professional dream per what they see around them; it could be bad or good. And as they age, some derail from their positive and brilliant dream due to lack or no support from society — and society here means every single person should be involved in the upbringing of a child.

As an advocate, it is in view of this that I decided to engage children on what their dreams are, and the support needed. I have titled it “Revelation” — just as its meaning; I will share outcome/stories of my discussion with children I interact on this space.

I got my motivation for this when I heard a child say he wants to become an armed robber. This really got me emotional to the extent of being teary and not knowing what to do. I believe the child wouldn’t have said that if he knew what that means or if he was engaged regularly in discussions geared towards his[ the child] development.

On my first edition of Revelation, I will be featuring Louis, a child who dreams of becoming a Driver’s Mate. Will you allow if he’s your child? What will be your first reaction upon hearing him say this?

Stay tuned on this space as you patiently wait for Louis’s story and other articles about young people and societal development.

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