How Would Small & Medium Businesses Use Digital Marketing against big Guys

If you want to buy something you just know where to go, you either look it up online or go to the mall where the big corporations with their branches are everywhere.

When you do an online search the most ads or search result you will get is from known brands that have the budget to spend money on marketing. Even billboards or flyers are still for those who can afford it maybe.

As a small and medium business online marketing might be affordable but there is the bidding war between all and most likely the bigger the shark is most likely is going to win the bid and that is normal.

You tend to go to other social platforms and pay 5–10 $ for targeted demographic goal but is it really effective? I mean now days we as people we run away from online ads that we encounter on social platforms that follows you everywhere.

I believe the ads that popups result when you are looking for item is more effective since you are in need/demand of that item but it gets annoying when it tracks you everywhere based on your behavioural search and as individual I don’t see various offers/options of my searched item rather than bid war limited to 2–4 options from those who has the budget for. Unlike targeting certain demographic especially as I said we tend to ignore them on our social platforms and the increasing of Ad block.

Not to mention the ugly cheap style format and those popups ads between article I read that comes in between paragraphs and sometimes split the paragraph. I am busy with reading have no concern to watch the show. in my opinion this is more like a gambling and random marketing.

Yes what you see gets stuck with our memory but now a days not all the time specially when those ads comes in wrong timing and bunch of them flashing around the page you are on.

Here are two effected and not satisfied:

1- end-user doesn’t get to see various options and know about the others

2- small & medium businesses doesn’t get to market their products fairly

Marketing tools has developed in the digital era but not that innovative when consumers are aware of the game. As a marketing content/style still has the old way but as a tool is up to date. Things shall be always considered are colours and design of the ad because such ugly ad makes people to run away and perceive as a scam or has no quality in your products.

I try to bring to attention solving a problem or helping existing parties to serve their needs. As individuals: A) they would be able to explore more options and know about businesses in streets within their city whether around them or far away in best optimized way. Businesses: B) get to have a channel to promote their products fairly with no bidding war and be known to bigger audience.

Behind this marketing new idea, it would be more effective since the concept is people run after businesses and ads to know what is going around them. People would have a stronger focus and businesses would know a real data analytics about their products. Would be no tracking and no bugging. Cost effective and more greener environment. its integrated idea where it acts as a search engine for individuals and ready to go templates for business without outsourcing that much to do the marketing.

Ads and searches shall be fun and pleasant experience for individuals to come often and serve their needs with real values.

I look forward to hear your thoughts on this subject that is hovering all over my hand. I have this thug in my brain that I would love to revolutionize the online marketing industry. the idea is there and designing its flow as UX and UI.

Ahmed Abousuwa