Everything contributes to everything

A lemon can be applied to different uses;

One can use the lemon to spice up a dish while another would use the same lemon with baking soda to scrap off a tough carpet stain. The other would use it to create a scented product in the form of soap, air freshener, heck even perfume; for those who don’t mind moving around with the scent. The other would connect two copper rods linked with a coil and light up a bulb. Genius isn’t it?…and another to make a film based on a talking lemon who’s bitter but turns out to be sweet when it interacts with others, thence bursting a lovely balance of aromas and flavors that mirror the experiences of life itself! [I know. I know. A few sentences in and I’m already making reference to the age old ‘make lemonade’ advise…still, don’t judge me. I’m gonna make this movie and you will watch it! ]

So this flowering plant offspring has been applied to culinary arts, chemical science, utility and film…and yet, the list continues to grow longer

Same concept applies to humans. We are capable of applying ourselves to everything, thus voluntarily and involuntarily do.

We may not even be the only beings who developed consciousness, but quite possible to be the ones who developed too much of it too fast that we’re vastly consumed by pride to think we are the only ones with a conscious, despite always taking notes from our living surroundings and its inhabitants. Ants and bees, for example, have never seized to guide our minds in instilling the ideology of ‘doing to achieve’, even getting referenced by a variety of religious books [notably the Qur’an]

The Bees, surah 16, verses 68, 69

Honey bees are easily overlooked by people. Often, when people see them, they either get scared or shoo them away. But Allah, in the Quran, highlights their unique characteristics and wants readers to reflect and think deeply about this small creature, and learn from it.

In these verses, Allah is telling the Prophet Mohammed that the Master who reveals verses of the Quran to him is the same Master who reveals guidance to the bee.

I ought to mention, I’m not a staunch believer nor am I a disciple, or what most would coin a pious being. Far from it, but close enough to realize the aspect of accommodating perspectives, even those that are different from mine. Especially those, in fact. We’ll get to this later on…

Back to the lemon…

My entire life [I’m only 25 years of age by the way. I am not an old man writing to you from a bunker somewhere in the middle of a tea farm looking to educate. I’m just sharing, man…or woman…or whatever you prefer], I’ve constantly observed the fears of failing as a halt to personal progress. “I won’t write because there are people who write better. I won’t post on Insta-Snap because my phone takes below par images that look grainy. I won’t contribute a joke [on Twitter especially] because there are funnier ones already [plus I view Twitter as a catch up platform…you can never keep up with anything there] and things move fast! Like neck reclining backwards with a grin and teary eyes fast. Which isn’t a reason to not try! Trial is all we’ve ever known as human beings. It’s the only sure way that informs us on what or what not to do. Sadly however, our SI unit has shifted from pursuing genuine interests that morph into prototyping born from personal strengths to measuring acceptance/validation through modern dopamine effects of likes, retweets, shares and growth of followers, which is demoralizing really, for those who constantly search for it but can’t amass the numbers. [everything is about numbers now…or has it always been so?]. It’s all craze! Similar to how we perceive diamonds and gold not seeing them as what they really are; rocks and metal [fucking rocks and metal, man…or woman…or whatever you prefer!]

In 2009, I together with a herd of other high school graduates left the ‘educational institution’ with an objective to conquer, in spite of the Cs and Ds that littered our result sheets. We were not to be stopped! Many of us caved in after a year. Taking up whatever was on offer. Young and budding, our fire was soon after extinguished by harsh realities of ‘work for your crop’. The few who refused to get whipped are now happily pursuing their dream careers. I know of one whom I dated and loved dearly that is now posting up notifications and publications of the doctor’s strike, because it directly affects her MD/Surgeon career. She’ll be my heroine forever.

Did I mention that I’ve flown a plane? By myself? Oh but I have! I have no degree or a strong collective of the first two alphabets on my primary and secondary certificates, but I’ve flown a fucking plane by myself, man…or woman…or whatever you prefer.

I’m always in the belief pool that I can do whatever I wish. It’s what’s carried me through rent payment that kicked in at age 16 to date…it’s what gets me up daily feeling so positive and being labeled ‘that morning person’. It’s my strength. I’m multi talented and brave enough to jump into whatever field and attempt to leave a mark. How long do you think I’ve done poetry? Exactly 2 years, but by my 5th outing on a stage, I became a slam king [which came after performing in a previous slam competition as a guest and slammed all other competitors. I wasn’t even competing. I am the best and don’t need your approval. Also, I hate reciting one piece twice, even if I’ve only performed it once. Do what you will with this information]

It’s probably the reason why I look up to Kanye West so much. Regardless of his assholism, I think he is the perfect example of a man […or woman…or whatever you prefer] who is able to morph into whoever he wishes without having to seek anyone’s liking, yet still gifts us with powerful messages and hit songs [in albums like Yeezus and Life of Pablo, there are still loop-able songs in there]. He is ever trying and through that, he is achieving exactly what he might have thought he’d not achieve…putting out another musical body of work. He’s refusing to settle for past glories [yes, I’m talking about you Liverpool fans].

My point is, we’re born innovators. For centuries, we’ve managed to push boundaries and have done incredible things [landing on the moon…rather, going to space (for a more realistic touch), creating vaccines for polio and curing measles, engineered self driving cars, created telescopes that have identified other earth like planets 350 trillion kilometers away, microscopes that enable studies of DNA strands and being able to modify them, artificial intelligence devices that cater to a wholesome variety of human needs, fireworks that beautify skies marking celebrations, cross breeding livestock, and plants to produce stronger versions of animal and crops, memory form mattresses that worship our bodies in responding to its structure, atom splitting mechanisms (everything also has a bad and good side to them. If atomic energy can be put to great use, you and I will never know what electricity bills look like ever again) the list is endless]. Name a thing we are not in control of and I’ll gladly debate with you.

You just need to remember, wherever you choose to put your focus on, that is where your actions will be rooted. When you sulk and try not to resurface, you will continue drowning in a sea of sorrow and never reach the end. Everything is also a bottomless pit of whatever it represents. Hence, some of the richest don’t get fed up by pursuing wealth acquisition and some of the poorest don’t get fed at all. They lack the strength to do extra in avoiding abjection. That’s not to say they shouldn’t be helped [the whole point of this entire passive rant is contribution and accommodation]

Now, to that point about accommodation…there are more than a billion galaxies out there. Each with a prospect of life, and some, like ours, with it. You have been accommodated and allowed space in this vast entity that gives you providence from known and unknown sources. Recycling itself in supplying others, like you, before and after you, with the same invaluable service. We are never born disadvantaged, but placed exactly where we need to be and asked to write our own individual stories while relating to others. You are not alone and certainly not the only one.

You are a universe, man…or woman…or whatever you prefer. Made of many components that work tirelessly to keep you alive and well. Every single unit within you has a purpose [EVERYTHING! Including your appendix]…and so do you.

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