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CREDEROOM ICO: The New Dawn Payment System

Have you been involved in cryptocurrency? The world’s way of payment has just been made more functional by the use of crptocurrency. Enhanced P2P payment using the speed of the internet has made the advent of cryptocurrency a revolution in payment systems.

To add it, the Blockchain technology and ethereum smart contract has added security and authentication to these transactions. In recent times, there has been an explosion of cryptocurrencies in virtually all spheres of human endeavor.

Among the numerous cryptocurrencies stand out Crederoom Token. The token is incorporated in the European Union, making it a significant standard token with the security of the EU. The main objective of Crederoom is captured in the whitepaper thus: “The CREDEROOM project is a team of financial, security, legal and technical experts. We are raising funds in order to develop a lending company operating throughout the European Union.” In the BitcoinTalk ANN thread, it is referred as “CREDEROOM — a digital era fintech company”. Crederoom has started its ICO. You can get information about this ICO from their website; BitcoinTalk thread and get updated by following them on twitter

“We have spent time on development of our idea, the concept, vision and business plan, and now we are ready to present our project to public. We are making an offer to everyone who would like to become a part of the brand new, future world.”

This invitation is handed to all who want to benefit from the success that Crederoom has to offer its investors in this ICO. Yet there is more to Crederoom. It is a leading company among the world of FINTECH offering companies. The development of this token started in April 2017, spanning through to 2022. You can see the road map section of the whitepaper.

The ICO runs from October 3, 2017 to November 15, 2017. The total quantity of the CDRT Tokens available for ICO is fixed to 50.000.000 (Fifty million). The Team and Founders’ CDRT Tokens will be locked for selling by a smart contract for 1 year after the ICO Campaign. This is aimed at motivating the Management and staff to work hard for the future of our company and the owners of the CDRT Tokens as well as the investor and holders of the token. The nominal price of token is set at 1 CDRT token to 1 EUR. There are levels of bonuses during the period of the campaign. Early token buyers will receive bonus tokens: pre-ICO — by request 1–3 days — +20% bonus tokens; 4–7 days — +15% bonus tokens; 2 week — +10% bonus tokens; 3 week — +5% bonus tokens; 4 week — 0% bonus tokens. The CDRT Tokens can be bought for Ethereum, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, ZCash, DASH and many others. This is to make it easy for all who want to participate to get in easily. However, every cryptocurrency will be converted to Ethereum according to exchange rate at crypto exchange.

Who is behind this project you may want to know. 1. Julij Libenson, Chairman of Board at CREDEROOM 2. Oleg Pashkovsky, Member of Board at REDEROOM 3. Olga Pashkovskaya, Member of Board at CREDEROOM. These three form the Executive Board of Crederoom.

I am very convinced of the usefulness of this token. Get rewarded by investing.

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