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The blockchain is an ingenious invention that allows digital information to be disrupted but not copied. Originally devised for the digital currency, Bitcoin, the technology is now being used for other helpful ways.

The blockchain network is transparent and incorruptible carrying out self-auditing at regular intervals. It is designed as a decentralized technology. The blockchain is a very secure technology because it stores data across several networks, eliminating the risk of data being held centrally.

The blockchain is now a vehicle in which other useful technologies are riding on. A good resultant of the offshoot of the ride on the blockchain is the ethereum smart contract. Crowd funding using the ethereum smart contract is one very important benefit of the blockchain technology. has tapped into the ethereum smart contract to raise fund for the ICO to support their project.

The use of LiveEdu Token:

Launching and Issues: is a live streaming and video tutorial learning platform. In, the content creators will teach learners how to build real products. The product is being used by over 1 million persons in about 194 countries worldwide. is targeting to build the world’s largest project based library. This is a laudable project.

The road map of the entire project found in the website started from 2015 through 2019. This is appreciated noting that the blockchain technology is an evolving technology.

Contributors can buy EDU tokens directly with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), fiat (USD/EUR) and with other coins indirectly via The minimum buy in for an EDU token is equivalent to 0.01 ETH. The token is denominated in US$. 1 USD = 10 EDU tokens. The total supply of 100 million EDU tokens for this crowdsale is fixed and no new tokens will ever be mined.

Pre-orders for pre-sale: The Company is in pre-selling EDU tokens prior to the public sale at a discount on a wholesale basis for large volume purchases. The pre-sale will be closed when USD$1 million is raised: Minimum amount for bonus: $1000 < $30,000 USD + receives a 25% bonus > $50,000 USD + receives a 30% bonus > $100,000 USD + receives a 40% bonus Bonuses are assigned only once per individual or entity even for multiple purchases. You can place your pre-order by emailing us at “” or an authorized affiliate.

Public crowdsale: EDU tokens are intended to be sold at the following rates starting Nov 16 — Nov 24 for one week. The sale will be closed in next 48hrs after the first $2 million is raised First USD$2 million tranche: 1 USD = 12 EDU tokens (20% bonus) Second USD$2 million tranche: 1 USD = 11 EDU tokens (10% bonus) After that: 1 USD = 10 EDU tokens (0% bonus) Note that the exact dates and rates for the public sale could change. For any already sold tokens, the exchange rates are locked at the purchase rate. ICO Team

For further information visit,

LiveEdu has a very strong and powerful managerial team. This is a crack team of experts. It is headed by Dr. Michael J. Garbade as CEO & Founder, Alex Zhukav as Backend Development, IIya Toka as Frontend Development, Muhammad Shoaib as Content Creator Relations, Others equally talented and adventurous are; Cherry, Nitish, Denis and Artem.

This token is the best and I encourage the prudent investors to take advantage as maximum return on investment is assured.

Official Website:

Official Whitepaper:

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Executive at MainIbem+ Networks

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Originally published at on October 26, 2017.

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