Project 1: Sharing a story of your mentor

Mentor ship is a relationship in which person having more experience and knowledge helps to the person having less knowledge, mentor can guide by sharing his experience and learning. In order to succeeded in life, we have to choose a mentor a mentor may be from your field or may be in another field, but they have much more to share with us. My mentor is my Teacher Imran-Ur-Rehman he is the member of ICMA and have 18 years’ field experience, he remained CFO and company secretary of Two largest companies. He always shared his experience with us and gave us advises, he motivate us to study harder, and he always available for help.

Humility is a vital part to learn anything from any person, if you respect other or make them feel that how much important he is, ultimately he will show his interest to share his experience and ideas with you.

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