How to solve problems and achieve goals 10x faster with the WWIT business intuition tool

Top business people “listen to their gut” to succeed faster. But how do you learn and improve your intuition in days rather than decades?


WWIT (What Would It Take) is a powerful business intuition tool. It lets you solve problems and delete worries fast. Don’t be deceived by its simplicity.

WWIT lets you double your profits or halve your stress or solve any business problem you have in minutes.

For example, if you ask, “what would it take to attract ideal clients?” or “what would it take to add ten percent to my income this year?” or “what would it take to solve this software bug in the next hour?” then immediately you start thinking of things that will solve that.

Just stop reading for a few seconds and try it out yourself on a current business problem that you have. Come back to this page when you’re ready.

I imagine you got some ideas immediately. If not, don’t worry. I will explain later how to use it in more detail to get the most results.

WWIT is a way to shift the focus of your mind away from the problem and onto solutions. I believe it also activates our intuition and subconscious to jump forward to finding big answers, rather than working hard to figure out solutions made up of logical steps.

The phrasing of WWIT is interesting as it focuses on actions to achieve the goal in mind (the Take part), and the Would part focuses on the idea that solutions are possible.

WWIT is powerful because instead of focusing on the problem and worrying about it, you are now focusing your brain on finding solutions. It is like you put a question into Google and then Google goes off to make the search and you quickly get useful answers. You put WWIT into your brain with a question, and your brain starts searching for answers (even if you don’t think you know of any solutions right now).

Spiritually speaking, WWIT is a clearing question. It helps to remove anything that is in the way of you getting what you want. Perhaps you have resistance to achieving your goal or you have self-sabotaging blocks around this problem or goal. When you ask WWIT it starts clearing these obstacles and may also bring to your conscious mind specific resistance or beliefs for you to clear.

The best way to ask WWIT

  • Get really quiet
  • Tune in to ask yourself: what would it take ______?
  • You can ask either in your mind, out loud or simply write it down.
  • Listen for ideas from your intuition
  • Write them down and pick which one makes the most sense to do first.

I asked an attendee at a workshop I gave to share how they had used WWIT.

“I did What Would it Take for me to get to $4k/mo of extra revenue for my business. I realized I needed another four clients. I wasn’t sure I would be able to get that many leads to go ahead, but everyone I spoke to said yes. This made an extra $4K per month, $48K a year. Just from sitting down and doing What Would it Take for five minutes.”

That is an impressive rate of return!

WWIT modifying words

When I have a goal, I ask WWIT to achieve this goal with ease and joy? The with ease and joy are modifying words I add to the goal to get it in the way I want. For example, WWIT to win this proposal with ease and joy this week?

When I have a problem, I ask WWIT to solve it with ease? (Again, add whatever modifying words help to solve the problem you’re dealing with.) For example, WWIT to have this piece of code work reliably in the future?

I use ease and joy as WWIT modifying words because I prefer to create business results that way.

There are many more ways you can use WWIT in your work to reduce stress and create results faster. I write about those and more business intuition tools in my new book “Intuitive Leadership Mastery: How a CEO Doubled Profits and Halved Stress”.