The Power Of Music On The Mind

Music is probably the most listened to in the World. Whether that be rap or even Mongolian throat music, everyone listens to something. But there is one thing that I learned from music over the years…

Now I’ve looked at people that are more ambitious and harder working and I looked at people that are less motivated and pretty lazy. What I’ve noticed in their lyric taste of music could have an effect on the way they act. Kind of like when someone hears they are a loser all their life and they begin to believe it.

This same thing happens to when you listen to music. When you listen to music that is motivating and gives you a mental pump then you appraoch your day differently.

I know me and a few of my entrepreneur friends listen to artists such as Drake, Meek Mill, and A Boogie With The Hoodie.

The reason is that these artists have powerful messages that are positive. They all talk about the hustle and the struggle to get to the top and when you listen to that every day you begin to show that outwardly. When I listen to meek mill for example, it gives me that extra oomph to push a little harder in whatever I do. Also, the constant message of hustling and great rewards keeps your vision on the path to success.

But imagine the opposite where someone listens to depressive music every day. They will begin to believe those words and put themselves in a victimized mindset.

I believe in the power of music so much, I won’t even listen to music that says “Fuck my life.” That repeated message of things like “The world hates me.” or “I am nothing.” are dangerous messages to listen to.

I’ve seen people that listen to this type of music to be far less productive or just have a negative mindset about everything.

The idea behind this blog is to show you that everything you listen to do and do actually have an effect on the bigger picture.

It’s because habitual things have the greatest effect on you. When you listen to something every day you emulate that in your day to day life.

Now before you leave read this quote (by Will Durant) and apply it to the music you listen to and see if they are leading you to the right path mentally:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then, is not an act, but a habit” -Will Durant

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