ABX Venture announces investment in Kyberdyne

Kyberdyne brings high-quality gaming elements to blockchain game players enabling them to build their own dream team and earn unique rewards

1 min readJan 5, 2022
Initial game play

About Kyberdyne

Kyberdyne is a DBG (Deck-Building Game) with a rogue-like mechanism built by an AAA game studio with a productive game team and rich experience from big names including Assasin’s Creed, DOTA 2, Dragon Nest, AION, EVE Apocrypha, EVE Odyssey, etc. Bring first metaverse-base DBG, which players can act as their virtual doppelgängers in the game, everything based on user creation and experience, fun compelling gameplay, play to earn, and dynamic NFTs create unique cards, upgradable according to the experience.

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About ABX Venture

We have been entering into cryptocurrency and growing our experience since 2017. Even today, the potential in this industry is incredible.

ABX venture was established in 2021. With our experience, we invest as venture capital to incubate, support, and accelerate the developments to find new use cases and solve real-world problems.

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