70% of Our Customers have Tally Solutions as their Backend Solution.

Disclaimer: May be we are the first ERP software company in the world (who have an ERP solution with complete Accounting, GL and other features), who openly says, “We co-exist with our competitor”.

When we started AcTouch.com, a cloud ERP solution, our Sales and Marketing plans were full of strategies on how to counter and win against Tally Solutions as it has been used by many SMEs, Accountants, CA’s etc.

During Sales process, the first competitor name that we hear frequently is “We use Tally”.

Two years later, today, we co-exist with Tally Solutions and other install based software.

Many of our Customers use AcTouch.com to manage their Inventory, Invoicing, Production process and Payments & Receipts etc, but they still use Tally solutions for Accounting, Tax compliances, Auditing needs etc as their Accountants or CA’s or Auditors don’t want to move out of it. It is a good product and a huge customer loyalty it enjoys till today.

Interesting to note is. in India, there are many SaaS solutions, who offer Tax and Accounting services. But,

what they do not understand is, in India, “Accounting” means “Tally”.

So how we could able to win customer’s heart and co-exist with other software?

Today’s First or Second generation entrepreneurs want to be agile, mobile and focus on to grow the business. They want a solution that handles all the aspects of business like Invoicing, billing, Inventory, Payments, Receipts. They don’t want to manage the hardware and software etc.

So we focused only on Business Owners.

We targeted to resolve the problems faced by Business. We developed features that helped Business owners to improve their operational efficiency and productivity.

Welcome to new Cloud ERP that has all the features of large ERP software at the cost of an installed based software.

Today SME owners have reached a tipping point to take a decision where they have to migrate to Cloud ERP or do more manual work. Because

  1. One of the major challenges for the growing business is to make sure they have the right process and systems in place that can be scalable as business expands fast.
  2. Many SMEs don’t realize that their software has reached an “Expiry date”.They are still extracting values by spending more money on it to maintain it. One of the main reason is, the software is custom developed and spent huge money. So owners are worried on this cost and loose the focus on operation efficiency.
  3. The business may sacrifice more lucrative opportunities due to lack of software features. Many Business owners do not understand this till there is no time to fix the problem or it has affected the business.
  4. We have seen cases where company uses multiple software to manage different operations. But what they miss is, the untracked costs of Interoperability of applications, its maintenance, hardware costs and IT person to manage these Applications, data uploads and downloads etc.
  5. Obsession to have a control on the software thinking that someone will hack their “confidential” data (but 70% of data theft is done by companies internal people) makes people to spend more money on internal infrastructure and grow an army to manage them.
Business Owners can buy a new ERP product at 33% of the maintenance cost of these distributed software.

Now time to think different.