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Make the commitment to hire great people!

1. Hire smart and not fast — Wait for the RIGHT person.

2. Hire for attitude and train for skill — a WINNING ATTITUDE is paramount to job success.

3. Share YOUR BRAND in the interviews. Let candidates know what your company values.

4. Job EXPECTATIONS — tell candidates what you expect in the job at the interview.

5. DECISION — Which candidate should be hired? Be objective, recognize when you are being subjective.

The RIGHT HIRE goes a long way to success for the company, co-workers and the person hired for the job. Hiring the wrong person can and does happen. Interviewing, reference checking, cultural fit can all be conducted effectively and sometimes the new hire becomes the wrong hire.

When the wrong person is hired, go back and review how and why that person was selected for the job. Determine what might have been missed or overlooked to fill the position. An honest and diligent review can work to one’s advantage for future HIRES!

The saying “Hindsight is 20/20” often applies in the hiring process. Realizing the decision you made for hiring might have been the best choice at the time, it is also an opportunity to make successful hiring decisions in the future. Remember RECRUITING takes time and practice!