The Next Journalism: Building Civic Power
Andrea Seabrook

Great move and it sounds interesting! I applaud the passion to bring our nation back into alignment, too. Here’s an assignment, though, that will do more good than following a bunch of congressmen around trying to get the bead on each bill. Too many Americans, the majority of the population, in fact, have been taught that we’re a democracy-we are not! I challenge you, if you really do want a civic revolution, to research what we are on paper and principle, and why we have been led to believe we are one. This misconception has, and will continue to have, disastrous impacts our our representative federal republic. Madison’s Federalist Paper #10 is a perfect place to start the process — he differentiates between the two (republic and democracy) and the applications of each based upon population and geographic scale. His points are valid, as we see time and again what destruction a fickle populous can do when their limited understanding of government, combined with passion and emotion, lead to increadibly destructive results because we think direct voting is the answer. Anyways, it’d be a good research project to root out the fallacy. Would love to chat -

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