Possibilities of getting jobs in Singapore for Foreigners

Singapore is a popular tourist and employment Destination. Well over 700 multinational companies are operating here in Singapore.

This guide will help you to learn and understand difficulties, complexities and opportunities in getting a Job, starting a business or working as a foreigner.

Being a foreigner it is neither an easy task nor to difficult to get employed in Singapore. It mainly depends on your skill and talent and your ability to struggle. It also matters when you started your struggle.

Many foreigners though once they arrive here is Singapore, they would be able to get jobs in short span of time, but the reality is somewhat alter. Companies here prefer locals or foreigners with permanent residency reason being cost effectiveness and ease of working.

This doesn’t mean that work opportunities for foreigners are limited. Talent, skill, guidance and right approach is the key to get a satisfied job in Singapore.

Being a foreigner the right approach in getting a job in Singapore is that before arriving here make sure to arrange few meetings with potential recruiters and employers.

Search on Internet and do some research, make a list of Recruiters specially deals in foreign employment. All research companies allowing foreign employment.

Call recruiters and explain your case, your effectively in detailing your experience, job skills will make an impact in getting job as soon as possible.

Second way is to apply jobs in job boards specifically under “Foreigners can apply” is mentioned. Be aware of words Singapore Citizens, Singaporean, PR only and don’t waste your time by applying and hoping to get accepted, chances are diminished. Try indeed job search engine with “Foreigners” word included, you will find relevant options.

Contact your close friends, colleagues, relatives and talk to them, there is this great chance of creating contacts which ultimately results in generating an employment lead.

You can also use networking sites especially LinkedIn in contacting employers, managers and recruiters.

Be sure about your job abilities and working skills and do not apply for every other job you came across. This would save time for you and for others.

Your resume is a very important piece of information so be prepared with updated, quality resume, cover letter or work experience.

Make a list of interview questions and possible interview responses. Practice and Practice to build confidence, also do practice for telephonic interview.

Be negotiable on salary and do not hesitate to settle on slightly low salary when the job is suitable for you and according to your job skills. Offers in hand are always a great feeling to go with as a foreigner in Singapore or any other country. Thanks.

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