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AccTrust is a leading Singapore recruitment agency that has the potential to find suitable jobs for the professionals and find talented candidates for the companies based on their requirements. Retail, Accounting, Finance, Services jobs and roles, F&B etc. are all the job listings and placements that we deal in.

AccTrust is the easiest, quickest and a professional way to find your new job or hire a suitable job seeker for your company. Though we are a leading Singapore recruitment agency, we make sure to take care of all the recruitment needs. As we have the best of everything, you get the perfect job solutions.

Singapore has a blooming job market that gives many job opportunities to the needful and the companies get the suitable talent. Whether you are looking for a perfect job to give a boost to your career or you are a company looking out for qualified and experienced candidates, AccTrust is here to help. We take pride in dealing with various industries and fields like Telecommunications, Finance, Retail, Services, F&B, Manufacturing, Accounting, and IT etc.

We, at AccTrust, make sure to bring you a pool of jobs and qualified candidates to pick the best. Because Singapore has a nice set of strategic skills, you always get the highly demanded candidates for your company. Are not you sure where to find the best fit? Not to fret! Visit AccTrust — the leading Singapore recruitment agency, and find the best solutions.

Just bring in a good resume mentioning your skills, talent, qualifications and attract the employers.

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