Instabug, Egypt and the Future of Mobile Support

We talk to many mobile teams who are up in arms over app delivery challenges: how to identify bugs/issues, how to communicate with users in-app, how to handle real-time support. These are both data collection and workflow problems — and to most, they’re entirely perplexing.

And urgent. Rising install costs coupled with new app fatigue for users are stretching mobile teams to ensure each user has the right experience. It’s not enough to drive a user through the door, you have to fight to keep them engaged. Building elegant two-way channels for feedback and support is a big part of how mobile teams will serve users.

Instabug is building a workbench for developers and success teams to finally unify data and communication around mobile issues. Their crash reporting SDK is installed on more than 300m devices, with many progressive mobile companies live on the tool. Coupled with their launch of Instahelp, a fully-featured helpdesk product, success teams now have full data context when defusing in-app issues. You’ve probably used an app with Instabug installed and didn’t even know it. In the future, we think they’ll be a very visible player in the world of mobile QA and support.

This is a first for us on a different dimension: it’s our first investment in Egypt. We met Omar and Mo during YC and were amazed by the kind of org and culture they’d built (with one of the more incredible origin stories we’ve heard — that’s for another time). Alongside Amr Awadallah, CTO at Cloudera, and Jim Payne, founder at MoPub, we’re excited to support Instabug as they become the support platform for mobile developers.

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