7 Ways to Pronounce Like a Pro

There are many online pronunciation programs that claim to make you an expert in speaking Native American or British English. Well, unless you have a clear idea of what all they offer in their curriculum, do not get swayed by their sales pitch. For instance the major difference between American and British accent is the use of the [æ] sound and that is why the former’s cant’s sound so different.

Now before we get into the details of it, we should understand the meaning of accent.

When you exercise or have a certain degree of prominence of a syllable within a word, it is called an accent. It is a form of stress or quality that distinguishes a word’s pronunciation across speakers of different languages. Well, to put it in easier words, an accent is something that can only be heard to be understood.

Now, when we speak of learning the American accent, it sure sounds very glamorous but understand that a lot of hard work is going to go into it. First of all any pronunciation program that you find online should be able to teach you few basics such as:

1. Teaching how to listen. Before you start to learn how to speak, you’ll have to learn how to listen.
2. Observation is the key as the way your mouth and lips move is very important in the formation of words.
3. Paying attention to your tongue and that is for obvious reasons because while practicing the American accent you will have to roll it aplenty.
4. Breaking down words into simpler sounds so that it becomes easier for you to say them out loud.
5. Adding stress to sounds and words to make your voice and grip on the English language more believable.
6. How to use pronunciation podcasts and videos to your benefit.
7. Recording yourself and practicing with a friend for better results.