Digital trading platforms should be based on better, faster, fairer, technology

We are excited to announce our investment in FalconX to build the next generation platform for trusted digital-asset trading.

Why FalconX?

FalconX’s team is unparalleled. They have built an institutional investing community in less than 24 months with $7…

Accomplice // Flow

Today, we are excited to announce our investment in Dapper Labs and support Flow in building a highly scalable, decentralized, and developer-friendly blockchain alongside A16z’s crypto fund, Autonomous Partners, Fenbushi, Warner Music Group and others.

At Accomplice, we seek entrepreneurs who have the ability to influence consumer…

We’re ecstatic to announce Accomplice’s co-lead investment in New York City based Bison Trails, building infrastructure for decentralized networks.

The market opportunity, high caliber team, and early traction working with cryptonetworks underscore our excitement in partnering with Bison Trails.

We were introduced to Bison Trails founders, Joe Lallouz and Aaron…

By Ash Egan, Principal at Accomplice, and originally published on Ash’s Medium account here

Since the publication of Bitcoin’s white paper 10 years ago, an entire ecosystem of entrepreneurs, companies, and capital have mobilized around crypto to create a new asset class. As the emerging asset class enters its teenage…


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