Digital trading platforms should be based on better, faster, fairer, technology

We are excited to announce our investment in FalconX to build the next generation platform for trusted digital-asset trading.

Why FalconX?

FalconX’s team is unparalleled. They have built an institutional investing community in less than 24 months with $7 billion in trading volume and year-over-year triple-digit growth. At Accomplice we are both investor and user. We have switched all of our digital asset trading to the Falconx Midas product for web-based, instant best execution.

FalconX was founded by Raghu Yarlagadda and Prabhakar Reddy in 2018. Raghu, an engineer and…

By Sarah A. Downey, Principal at Accomplice and Founder of Rev Boston

Rev has brought recognition and resources to top female talent in Boston since 2015. About twenty women per year, mostly all at the Director and/or VP level of their careers, have gone through the program. The Rev collective will be one hundred women strong as of Rev 5, which takes place this Friday and Saturday.

The founders of Rev (Diane Hessan, Jeff Fagnan, and I) had a hunch that curating and bringing together a small group of high-performing women, plus having experts teach interactively about topics that may…

Published by Jayni Shah, Principal

Accomplice has a long history of building communities to serve entrepreneurs. Mission-driven, with the singular goal of empowering founders and operators, these groups include Spearhead, Boston Syndicate (BOSS), Rev, and our non-profit community, TUGG. One year into my tenure at Accomplice, I’ve gotten to know these communities better and have been been inspired to emulate elements of them for our growing West Coast presence– here are some early (and evolving) reflections on our brand of Community.

Our communities are all organic extensions of the individuals who make up the Accomplice partnership. Each of us is…

Accomplice // Flow

Today, we are excited to announce our investment in Dapper Labs and support Flow in building a highly scalable, decentralized, and developer-friendly blockchain alongside A16z’s crypto fund, Autonomous Partners, Fenbushi, Warner Music Group and others.

At Accomplice, we seek entrepreneurs who have the ability to influence consumer behavior (Pillpack, Hopper, DraftKings) and deep understanding of the technical underpinnings that enable novel ways of engaging users. In the nascent field of crypto, Dapper Labs has emerged as a leader in both.

Vancouver based Dapper Labs built the most popular crypto application in the world in CryptoKitties, stemming from…

By Ash Egan, Principal at Accomplice

Accomplice is delighted to lead the O(1) Labs Series A fundraise, announced last Friday. Based in San Francisco, O(1) Labs is the team behind Coda Protocol, the first cryptocurrency with a succinct blockchain.

Coda is one of the most ambitious projects in the blockchain/crypto space, and has raised a total of $18.5M from our close friends and co-investors at Metastable, Polychain, Paradigm, General Catalyst, Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and blue-chip angel investors Naval Ravikant, Elad Gil, Linda Xie, and Andrew Keys, amongst others. …

We’re ecstatic to announce Accomplice’s co-lead investment in New York City based Bison Trails, building infrastructure for decentralized networks.

The market opportunity, high caliber team, and early traction working with cryptonetworks underscore our excitement in partnering with Bison Trails.

We were introduced to Bison Trails founders, Joe Lallouz and Aaron Henshaw, by Nick Chirls at Notation Capital, and immediately hit it off with the team. Joe and Aaron have the rare combination of deep technical chops, crypto-native insights, and operational genes to build something special in the burgeoning blockchain space. …

By Jeff Fagnan, Co-Founder of TUGG

TUGG started as an accident. Actually, TUGG started as a response to a perceived slight. In 2007, Hemant Taneja from General Catalyst and I started a wine party at Bill Hellman’s request. Bill was a legendary VC figure for both his investing prominence and wine cellar. We had no clue about wine and probably couldn’t tell a $5 bottle from a $500 one. Bill’s idea: he would provide the wine, Hemant and I would pick a worthy nonprofit recipient, and we’d pull together a young VC/entrepreneur audience to learn and donate. …

By Ash Egan, Principal at Accomplice, and originally published on Ash’s Medium account here

Since the publication of Bitcoin’s white paper 10 years ago, an entire ecosystem of entrepreneurs, companies, and capital have mobilized around crypto to create a new asset class. As the emerging asset class enters its teenage years, suites of products and services are vying to become pillars in the high-potential crypto ecosystem.

Crypto’s market map continues to grow in both its complexity and in its structure. This post seeks to present a framework of the burgeoning crypto industry, with select examples in their respective segments. …

By Sarah A. Downey, Principal at Accomplice and Founder of Rev Boston; originally published on BostInno

Since 2015, Rev Boston has brought recognition and resources to top female talent in Boston. We built Rev after many of us in the tech world noticed we were always asking the same question:

Why are there so few women _________

on boards?

in VC?

angel investing?


on panels?


household names in the tech community?

We thought that curating and bringing together a small group of high-performing women and removing any mystery, doubt, or opaqueness around these topics was the way to start. …

By Jeff Fagnan, Founder and General Partner at Accomplice

Today we are announcing Accomplice Blockchain. Accomplice Blockchain mirrors our early stage, high conviction approach of nearly 20 years, yet it’s a concentrated effort with dedicated individuals focusing on what we think is the next compute paradigm shift. At Accomplice, we relish big, complex, ambitious technology bets and we love tough shit. Some of the things we have taken on:

  • Reverse compiling binaries while looking for security vulnerabilities in the underlying code without actually needing the source code? Sure, despite the Dean of Harvard Computing telling us it couldn’t be done.


Early stage technology venture. Defined by the company we keep.

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