Announcing Rev 3, the 20 women taking over Boston tech next

Oct 18, 2017 · 4 min read
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The women of Rev 3

By Sarah A. Downey, Principal at

It’s year three of and we’ve got a new group of women in Boston tech who you should know.

Rev is an event and award for the top women in Boston tech. The common thread that unites them: they’re our bet on who’s going to be running this ecosystem in a few years, they’ve already accomplished great things, and they’re on a trajectory to do even more.

Previous cohorts were all at the director or VP stage in their careers (so they hadn’t been CEOs or founders yet), but we tweaked the rules a bit this year to include a few early-stage founders.

Without further ado, meet Rev 3:

  1. Danielle Cohen, Product Lead, Runkeeper
  2. Maggie Crowley, Director of Product Management, Bevspot
  3. Leanne Cushing, Founder, domovi
  4. Shauni Deshmukh, Head of Engineering, Tettra
  5. Jeannie Finks, Director of Global Support Systems and Programs, Acquia
  6. Bhuvana Husain, Principal, Kotter International
  7. Kathy Kaminski, Principal Software Engineer, Skillz
  8. Jennifer Linehan, VP of Global Sales, Midaxo
  9. Allison MacLeod, Senior Director of Demand Generation and Business Development, Rapid7
  10. Jacquelyn Miller, VP of Communications, PillPack
  11. Sarah McCrary, Chief Operations Officer, GasBuddy
  12. Jessica Meher, Founder, Girl Capital
  13. Colleen Miller, Director of Product, Toast
  14. Katie Ng-Mak, Director of Sales, Agency Partner Program, Hubspot
  15. Vineeta Puranik, VP of Engineering and Operations, Veracode
  16. Holly Rae, VP of Product, clypd
  17. Amy Robinson, Chief People Officer, Carbon Black
  18. Sara Sigel, Head of Community and Experience, Quilt
  19. Clara Vu, Cofounder and VP of Engineering, Veo Robotics
  20. Julia Wilson, Founder, J+ Studio

Rev brings the honorees a day and a half of programming designed to help them reach the next level in their careers. World-class experts run private sessions for the group on topics including joining boards, problem-solving, angel investing, and understanding venture capital.

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Last year’s Rev

We started Rev after having too many conversations around the same problems: why are there so few women in venture capital? Why aren’t there more female founders? And why does it feel like the same ~five women in Boston tech always get asked to speak on panels when this city is full of talent? (Shoutout to people like Maria Cirino of .406 Ventures, Jeff Fagnan of Accomplice, and Diane Hessan of C-Space for talking through these issues.) With Rev, we sought to pair rising star women with top-tier experts on topics that often feel opaque and see if we got lightning in a bottle.

It’s only three years in, but we’re seeing interesting trends so far. Within a year of each cohort of women doing Rev:

  • Two will go on to found their own company
  • 12 will get a promotion and/or change jobs
  • Three will join their first board
  • Two will make their first angel investment
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We wanted to build an army of women in Boston tech, and it’s working. Revvers have sent each other customers, held diversity workshops at each other’s companies, taught salary negotiation best practices and helped argue for better compensation, nominated each other for awards, referred hires, hosted dinners, and served as formal and informal advisors to each other, just to name a few of the outcomes. This group has taken on a life of its own.

Rev 3’s experts are , cofounder and general partner at Converge; , principal at Mount Vernon Strategies; , founding partner at Accomplice; ; SVP of leadership and strategy at Uber, UPS Foundation professor of service management and senior associate dean for faculty planning and recruiting at Harvard Business School; , president and CEO at The Partnership; , communications lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management; , cofounder and CEO of Peach; , founding partner at Accomplice; and , partner at Accomplice. and I are Rev’s founders and event facilitators and backed by Accomplice’s funding.

If you know someone who should be included in the next Rev, please .

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