Meet the 21 women in Rev Boston’s second cohort

By Sarah A. Downey, Principal at Accomplice

It’s year two of Rev Boston and we’ve got a new group of women in Boston tech who should be on your radar.

Rev is an event and award for the top women in Boston tech. They’re all at the Director or VP stage in their careers, so they haven’t been CEOs or founders yet, but they’re our bet on who’s going to be running this ecosystem in a few years. They’ve already accomplished great things and they’re on a trajectory to do even more.

  • Amanda Carbonneau, Head of Product, Wellist

Rev brings the honorees a day and a half of programming designed to help them reach the next level in their careers. World-class experts run private sessions for the group on topics including joining boards, problem-solving, angel investing, and understanding venture capital.

A session at last year’s Rev.

Rev 2’s experts are Maria Cirino, partner and co-founder of .406 Ventures; Jeff Fagnan, partner and co-founder of Accomplice; Frances Frei; Harvard Business School UPS Foundation Professor of Service Management and Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Planning and Recruiting; Miro Kazakoff, communications lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management; Janet Kraus, CEO of Peach; Sharon Kan, co-founder of Pepper Lane; Donna Levin, co-founder of; TJ Mahony, venture partner at Accomplice and managing director of Boston Syndicates; and Katie Rae, managing director at Project 11. Diane Hessan, Chairman of C Space, and I are Rev’s founders and event facilitators and backed by Accomplice’s funding.

Our goals with Rev: build an army of stellar women in Boston tech, with each year’s group as a special ops team. Connect them to each other. Tell the world about them. Bring them resources that are truly useful. Support them in what they do now and next.

We’ve watched with pride as Rev 1 women made big moves over the past year, like starting their own companies (including Janet Comenos with Spotted and Jillian Kando with Cut & Fold), heading to new ones (like Sarah Hodkinson becoming VP of marketing at Trip Advisor and Siobhan Dullea becoming Chief Growth Officer at The Grommet), or rising even higher at their current companies (like Di Hall, now Chief Strategy Execution Officer at Carbon Black, or Megan Hall, now VP and General Manager at Iora Health).

If you know someone who should be included in the next Rev, please nominate her here.

Sarah A. Downey is a Principal at Accomplice (FKA Atlas Venture). Accomplice invests in tech entrepreneurs and creates companies at the earliest stages. Located in Boston.

Early stage technology venture. Defined by the company we keep.

Early stage technology venture. Defined by the company we keep.