A day in the life of… A Senior Account Manager

Meet Jamie, a Digital Senior Account Manager in our Manchester office

Hi Jamie! Tell us how the average day begins at Accord North…

“Monday is the busiest day for me; there is lots of reporting to get through and clients to contact. I would say my time is divided between reporting, getting in touch with our clients, or liaising with the account management team here in the North, reviewing strategy and identifying opportunities. It’s really fast-paced and I enjoy seeing what’s working for our clients across all digital marketing channels — natural search, programmatic, PPC, email, display — and make recommendations. Once this is completed, the rest of my week is usually focused on ad hoc requests from the clients, and liaising with the Digital Delivery team to action these requests”.

So what do you discuss with your clients when you contact them?

“We ask how business is going and if there are any particular areas they’d like to push. Otherwise we run through their reports and find out what’s working well and what might need adapting to produce better results”.

What’s the best thing about working in the Manchester office?

“The team is really great here. Even though I’m the only one who is ‘digital first’, they know their stuff and I act as an advisor if they need help. I check digital marketing blogs regularly and stay up-to-date with what’s new in the industry so that our team can be sure we’re always using the latest methods and techniques on our clients’ campaigns. I also check in with our Digital Director, David, and our digital team to get their insight on our work”.

“We take care of some of Accord’s biggest clients — even though we’re a small office we’re always punching above our weight! The city has everything you need; a strong thriving media scene with plenty of digital marketing events to attend”.

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What does a Senior Account Manager do for our clients?

“We are responsible for developing campaigns with a focus on strategy and the commercial side of the business. My role is intended to present new, cutting-edge tactics to our clients no matter what industry they are in. We work closely with our Google Account Manager and meet with them quarterly to always stay up-to-date with new opportunities and systems. This means that our clients are getting great value for money by working with us and their budgets are being spent in the most efficient way.”

“I’m also involved with pitching to new business prospects and come up with a digital strategy to show how these businesses can achieve better ROI with Accord. Sometimes our reputation precedes us and our services have been recommended by existing clients to other companies!”

What advice would you give someone who is going to #JoinTeamAccord?

“Get your hands dirty! No job is too small. Make sure that you understand the business top to bottom, what we do and the values of the company. Get involved as much as possible at every level and understand your clients’ business. This role opened up a range of training and qualifications to me and I enjoy putting it into practice and achieving the best I can for our clients.”

Originally published at www.accordgroup.co.uk.

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