How to write an effective recruitment ad

In the increasingly busy job market it can be very difficult to get the right staff on board, which is why writing effective recruitment advertising copy has never been more important, especially as September is one of the busiest recruitment times of the year. In order to stand out from competitors, businesses and organisations have to be smarter, faster and more original to make sure they find the candidates that are right for them and their business.

This guide is here to provide the perfect footing for businesses entering a recruitment drive and looking for their perfect candidates.

What not to do

Before considering what to write in a recruitment advertisement it is important to consider the pitfalls that trap so many unknowing businesses who don’t go through a specialised recruitment advertising agency. Here are just a few of the major no-goes that businesses should avoid:

· Loud graphics and design

When it comes to the design of a recruitment ad, the last thing an employer wants to do is scare off their perfect candidate by using over the top graphics, which can make them appear unprofessional and somewhere that the perfect candidate may not want to work. The creative should be in line with the type of message you are looking to convey about your company and the careers you are advertising.

· Hard to read copy

If sentences are too long or hard to read, potential candidates could be put off reading them in their entirety or taking them seriously. Keep recruitment ads short and to the point, with the main message ringing true throughout — just like what you would expect from a candidate’s CV.

· An impersonal tone

Much like you want the copy to give off the correct impression of the job role, you will also want it to illustrate the tone of the company. Make the advert personal and about the person you are targeting; it will be far more successful than one that is all work focused.

The basics

When it comes to writing effective recruitment ad copy for a mass readership looking to embark on their dream careers, it is important both for yourself and those applying to make sure the ad is as truthful and to the point as possible. There are five main things to include in a job ad:

· Job title

· Job description

· Skills

· Experience

· Business description

It may sound simple enough, but get these points wrong and you could not only miss out on the perfect candidate, but also give off the wrong impression of your company. Bear in mind that job adverts are effectively marketing in themselves, so everything from the font to the wording should be carefully thought over.

Gain a wide reach

While the content of the advert itself is important, where the advert features is also a vital consideration. This varies from business to business and even from various careers and job titles. Businesses looking to fill apprenticeships and work experience placements will want to see their ads feature on completely different websites and mediums to that of manager roles, so do your homework first or talk to an advertising agency that is equipped with the experience and know-how to ensure your ad gains the maximum reach.

Think about where your ideal candidate will be looking for a role and even at what times of day they will be looking; this is all important in order to get the most from your budget and your ad.

Get the professionals in

When it comes to creating effective recruitment advertising, the whole process is often far more complicated then employers first think. For this reason, many turn to professional companies to conduct their advertising for them. An experienced direct response advertising agency can not only help convey what it is that you want to say about the job roles you are advertising, but also ensure that your business is portrayed accurately and in the best possible light to the numerous potential and existing clients that may see your ad.

So when it comes to creating an effective recruitment ad, don’t take any chances. Talk to the professionals and make the most of this lucrative marketing opportunity for your company and vacant position.

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