So… It’s been about five years now since I came up with the idea to begin writing on relationships. The idea was verbalized but action has never officially been taken… Until now… My personal experience with Love, Lust and Relationships has been nothing short of an emotional roller-coaster filled with ups, downs, turns and even the occasional vomit. Yes, vomit. I’m sure everyone has that one person that honestly makes them sick, literally. Just the sight of their face or the utterance of their name nearly makes you throw up on yourself and ask “WHAT IN THE HELL WAS I THINKING?” Believe it or not, you’re not the only person to ever ask themselves this question. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “Love is Blind”, well this is exactly why. The concept of love can be so overpowering that you are blind to the complete package of a person and instead develop what can be described as “Selective Sight” or tunnel vision. In this puppy dog stage known as The Lusting Period, you select those good qualities in a person to focus on, instead of completely seeing them as they are. He’s handsome, she has great long legs, he is an amazing cook, she is great with kids. Slowly but surely the shades over your eyes that you’ve been peeking through begin to lift up and you begin to see what’s been standing right in front of you the entire time, just as clear as day. It is at this point you either graduate to the stage of love or… vomit… The choice, at the end of the day, is all yours. Either you can accept the flaws of an imperfect human being or you dismiss them and continue on your journey seeking the “perfect” companion. No matter what your choice may be, no matter what path you take, know that what lies ahead will not always be sunshine and unicorns. Each path leading to a different destination, each destination presenting a different experience, and each experience holding a different lesson.

Now, I know you’re asking yourself “well what makes your experience different from mine?” My answer, nothing! We all will face adversity in the name of love. We all will feel disappointment, anger, sadness, joy, excitement and even pain while traveling this bumpy road. I am in no way claiming that I have been hurt more than you, nor am I claiming that I have perfected the concept of love. My purpose here is to share my experiences in hopes that you will relate to something and possibly open your eyes to learn that which I have learned through my numerous attempts at romantic relationships, my rocky friendships, my interaction with family and even my observations of others. I am one that loves the idea of love. A hopeless romantic, if you will. That feeling of being in love with someone and believing that this burning sensation in the depths of your heart is mutual with your counterpart, is unlike any other feeling in the world. I am in love with the idea that someone actually chooses me out of the billions of people on this earth to be with. Love is my passion. Like most people, I long for the up side of the emotion and I dread the downfall. What I feel separates me from the pack is that I continuously learn lessons to better my ability to love and to handle love, knowing that it will never be perfect, while others simply concentrate on mending their broken hearts. I am a man of education not only through school but through life experience. I believe that there is a lesson to be learned in everything, especially as a result of failure. Each piece of knowledge, if applied correctly to your life, can make the difference between a 30 day relationship and a 30 year relationship. The choice, potentially, is yours.

I hope that you will enjoy reading what is to come and that you read with open eyes, an open mind but most of all… An open heart.

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