Accra, Ghana

1st October 2016

Hello Team AccraWeDey,

I’m Nela from Cameroon.

 I must say this, Accra is a very beautiful city. Everything is well organised compared to most West African countries.

What strikes me the most is how much ART is valued in all of its forms. Not to talk of the creative individuals in each of its domains. And there are always events to patronize a sector; you can never get bored. Personally, it made me grow artistically (knowledge and skills)…

The nightlife is something to experience (can get boring once you’re used to it though, lol). And to all those who’ve never been there, Republic Bar at OSU is the place to go to if you wanna have good music and awesome cocktails.

Over the 4 years i spent there, my experience with food wasn’t the best, hehe. I stay loving : Waakye, Kenkey, Banku+Tilapia, and Kelewele :)

I can’t wait to return next month, and be part of that daily motion (spintex road traffic, arguments with taxi drivers and trotro mates; smiling to someone who just insulted you in Twi/Ga/etc, having the plantain chips hawker run to collect her money when the car is moving,…). Y’all, its a lot.

“Ma Fi Wo Accra” ^_^ (i know you know what i mean, lol)

This team is doing a great work, more VIM !!!



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