Accra, Ghana

19th October 2016

Dear AccraWeDey,

Accra and I, we share nothing but a love-hate relationship. Mostly love though lol. It starts when you step out to Kotoko airport, and are slapped with a heat wave, but soon forget all your worries knowing Chichinga (kebab) and Kelewele (fried plantain) awaits you outside the arrival gates.

Like any other major city, sometimes the hustle and bustle, overcrowding, and extensive traffic can be overwhelming. Combine that with ‘dumsor’ (light off), and you will definitely have to learn some breathing exercises. Nonetheless, I adore Accra. Ghanaians are generally known to be noteably friendly and hospitable, so I find it very hard to be in Accra and ever feel uninspired or bored.

At all times, you are surrounded by entrepreneurs and real-life superheroes. From selling you all kinds of goodies (often handmade) on the famous Oxford Street in Osu, fresh local food served at your convenience at Bush Kanteen or Asanka Local, followed by dancing the night away at Twist nightclub in Labone, Accra has it all.

I appreciate just the right mix of untouched culture and contemporary development that is soaring the streets of Accra right now. For beautiful architecture and a little luxury, Sky Bar (on top of the Villagio) will give you the most scenic views of the whole of Accra. Juxtaposed with the humbling Jamestown, this is the place to get your creative kick. The historic suburb is covered with beautiful street art, and undeniably talented people with skills in art (all forms), carpenters, seamstresses, tailors, and even hairdressers.

Pure greatness.


I especially love the rise of art museums (Nubuke Foundation & Museum of Science and Technology are my fav!) hidden amongst the city, spotlighting the work of amazing artists from around the country.

There is just so much to see and do that I never quite get to accomplish all that I want to, which keeps my thirst for wanting more and more of the city alive. With Accra rapidly growing, I can only be excited for the betterment of the city. 
No matter how many times I get into arguments with taxi drivers, or have to haggle for goods, Accra will ALWAYS have my heart.


Vanessa from Australia

Photo cred.:, Vanessa

Originally published on Tumblr

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