Project 1 : Rapid Prototyping

The Topic: Medical

Project duration: 3 days

Goals of the project: Empathically identify a problem and determine a solution developed from insights based on interviewing and research.

Brain mapping all aspects of a person’s interactions a medical experience

Interviews and Research

Interviewing end users on what their medical experience is like and how it makes them feel. Through the interviewing process users revealed personal emotions at every step of a medical experience.

The Problem: The users where not visiting their physicians on a regular basis, not because of the fear of bad news or because of an uncomfortable visit as originally excepted. The anxiety came from not having readily available information, and whether or not it fit into her busy schedule.

Insights and Direction:

Affinity maps a tool used to identify patterns and connections, as well as uncover some insights.


Lack of going to a medical professional stems from the negative emotions the user felt when thinking about her lack of organization of medical information.

The user also will not make going to a doctor’s office a priority, however if it fits into her busy schedule she is likely to go.

Design Direction: To design a product that can allow for the user to easily store and access medical documentation, and to streamline the clerical process of seeking medical attention.


Through sketching I am able to explore many alternatives of the app layout
more iterations and research

Clickable prototype:

Reflections: The main thing I learned from this project is to keep your mind set in the present. For example during the mind mapping portions it was difficult to to start thinking about how an app will work. Isolating person emotions from the user also took sometime, however as the evidence started to contradict personal views it was easy to put the user first.

Things that I would have done differently:

  • I wish that I had documented the experience more effectively with pictures and images
  • During my presentation I sped through the most important sections (problem statement and design solutions) in order to attempt to finish within 5 min.
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