Americas Warhorse reborn

Matthew Phillips
Aug 30, 2015 · 3 min read
The Oshkosh Joint Light tactical vehicle.

Growing up on military bases, it’s not out of the ordinary for me to be undeterred when an armada of Humvees is seen rumbling down the street. You’ll see people admire and hate the machine. Unfortunately for the sake of cost-cutting, the Humvee has outlived its welcome on the battlefield.

An armada of Humvees

The Humvee has been in service since the Vietnam war, replacing the old Jeeps from the world war. So it’s a trend the government has set. Commission a group of contractors to put forth a vehicle worthy of putting soldiers into during combat, put it through a series of test, and after a few years of revisions they will pick one. In 1984, The US government deployed the Humvee, which was developed by AM General. If that sounds slightly familiar in terms, that’s because this is a division of General Motors.

The Lamborghini Lm-001

The late seventies saw AM General and Lamborghini put forth vehicles for potential deployment in Vietnam. Lamborghini actually developed three different vehicles for potential deployment. The Us government only saw two in the flesh, the LM-001 and the LM-002. This vehicle in true Lamborghini fashion was powered by an AMC V8, placed in the rear of the truck.

Lamborghini LM-002

The LM-001's rear engine caused instability during off-road testing resulting in Lamborgini completely redesigning the chassis of the LM from a rear engined frame to a traditional front-engined design. By this point, the AM General was the most logical choice and thus came to be. Lamborgini still pushed on with the LM and installed the V12 from the Countach. where it found homes with 328 owners around the world and competed in many off-road events.

The Humvee saw close to thirty years of service before the most recent war in the middle east when it was horribly discovered that the weaponry used on the battlefield was too advanced for this trucks armor to deflect. It was time for a successor. The third generation Military truck.

The government has spent the past three years evaluating the replacement for the Humvee. Calling it a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, or the JLTV. The JLTV main objective was the ability to handle IED’s, the bane of the Humvee’s existence, as well as to be as easy to work on as possible and reliable.

Oshkosh, Lockheed Martin, and AM General were feverishly competing for the JLTV contract. Each vehicle offering technologies that represent the modern warfare of today as well as the underbody protection required to protect our troops.

Oshkosh’s JLTV was chosen recently. powered by a modified GM Diesel V8 worthy enough to keep the spirit of the Humvee and provide enough power to keep the JLTV in motion under duress. The JLTV shows characteristics of a scaled down MRAP, which one of many used today are built by Oshkosh. The JLTV will be ready for deployment as soon as the current orders are completed in 2018. The third generation warhorse has big shoes to fill.

Matthew Phillips

Written by

LU 2018 Journalism student,Lover of transportation and capturing moments.

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