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F1 Brakes in testing seen here at

Just the Magic touch

We’ve come a long way since the clumsy prosthetics of old and hooks into an age of robotics. For years, scientist have been evolving prosthetics to enable touch and other senses. Gizmodo has the inside scoop.

Breath Easy

Just knowing that you’re in one of the most advanced vehicles since the horseless carriage may distract from the fact you’re in one of the most safe vehicles. Jalopnik reports on Tesla founder Elon Musk expounding on the recently unveild Model X crossovers, interior filtration capabilities. The Model X is the newest model of the Tesla lineup joining the Model S electric sedan.

A fallen Apple

Techcrunch reports on the death of an Apple enthusiast Gary Allen. Allen was an Apple Store enthusiast who would travel the world to visit new Apple Stores. Allen died at the age of 67, losing a battle with Brain cancer.

Idea 1: Liberty U going to court against the founding family of Lynchburg.

Idea 2: Ben Carson attending LU convo