5 Characteristics We Should Learn From Dogs

YES! dogs. Ever wonder why so many people love dogs? I did too! Dogs are adored by many because of their amazing qualities. Most of us “superior” beings lack them and it’s a shame. So first we need to recognize them then strive to actually embody these characteristics.

1. Loyalty

Not sure if there are any other beings that are more loyal, but dogs must be on the top of the list. I noticed dogs are very loyal, and I think it’s because of the combination of characteristics that make up who they are. Not they don’t need a wedding wrong to go through thick and thin, dogs just want your love. And in exchange, they will give you loyalty and much more.

2. Unconditional Love

Dogs don’t care if you are black, Arab, jewish, if you have any physically or mental disabilities. They don’t care if you have money, if you are good looking or even if you are smart. They just learn to love you for who you are. Even when things are perfect, even if you neglect them, they are just unconditional lovers. They will sense your pain and feel pain with you. Even if you push them away they will always love you. I think this characteristic makes them unbelievable, and I admire them for that.

3. Internal and external satisfaction

They are internally and externally satisfied mainly because of their simple mindset. You will never see a dog obsess about how their tail is too long, or their nose is too big. Or that they have too much hair on their body (fur I guess). We humans tend to stress over superficial things and this dissatisfaction has an affect on our mentality. We go and try to cover it up with expensive material things or endless plastic surgeries.

4. Simple mindset

One can’t deny, dogs are simple. Most of their day consists of: eating, playing and sleeping. But they also spend most of their day trying to make you (their owner) happy. They appreciate the simple things in life and never ask for more (maybe more food). I wish people including myself would just appreciate the simple things in life. Instead we want more, more of what the others have, more money or more clothes/jewelry.

5. Being Selfless

Not only are dogs simple minded but they are above all selfless creatures. They don’t really have any special demands. They just satisfied with the basics. They never expect something in return or a favor. Never take away from you for their own benefit.

It’s the combination of these characteristics that make them a great companion. Most of us lack internal and external satisfaction, overspending on Ice Latte Chai Frappuccino Expresso drink, Gucci bags or many other overpriced, unnecessary material things. We lack a simple mindset, overcomplicating life, always looking for more and more. Sadly loyalty is found only in a hand full of people surrounding us, while unconditional lovers are only in fairytales. Very few do something for free and expect nothing in return.

In my opinion, those who possess or train themselves to possess these characteristics are the ones who will evolve over their lifetime and are the ones who will achieve successful. They will be the ones who live a happy, satisfied and accomplished life.

So the next time you see your dog chasing his tail or shocking itself by farting, remember creatures have amazing characteristics. We all should recognize and learn from them. Dogs wouldn’t be the first creatures we learnt from. A lot of our technological and scientific discoveries come from observing and learning from other creatures.

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