Hello Server Side Swift
Logan Wright

Thanks for article Logan Wright

I’m also fairly new in the Linux server-side world but have had my share my experiences running an Apache server with Ubuntu. I got hacked and had to start fresh while my iOS app StockSwipe was in production. Awkward moment given that the apps main function ran of the server.

As you may know, Parse is shutting down its hosted apps service which to my misfortune is heavily used my StockSwipe. That means I need to look into migrating my my app onto my own server soon. Parse offers a Parse sever installation wh

Ideally I would want to take auc

1. Is this swift server a standalone thing or doesn’t it run of a regular server.

2. Will it fit with my setup (Apache Server with Ubuntu 15.10)

3 How does it tie together? Is it just about teaching the server swift and being able to program in Swift?

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