The Importance Of Building A Network As An Entrepreneur

For a long time, I didn’t place a lot of importance of building a network and cultivating relationships with like-minded people. I now look at it as a big mistake, one that has limited my chances of success and one that I need to address ASAP.

Building a network provides you with several advantages and as a matter of fact, is not just for entrepreneurs but also critical for working professionals. Just building a network though is not enough, as many know, you also need to cultivate relationships. So ultimately you want to build and maintain your network as if it was a product. Because networking really is a vehicle that enables and empowers you.

I started doing just that by building myself a brand under my name ‘Ace Green’. Not only on LinkedIn but also on a few other social media sites that I really like, with my favorite being Twitter.

On LinkedIn, I follow companies that in spaces I’m interested in — mainly technology and finance. I also connect with like-minded people and engage with them through their and my own posts. I do the exact same thing on Twitter. Though on Twitter, I’m more free and opinionated, and sometimes engage is sensitive matters such as politics and such. I tend to avoid such things on LinkedIn.

I made it a daily routine to visit LinkedIn & Twitter. Going forward, I want to maintain a strong online presence and leverage it to share content with my followers & link them to my projects.

For example, I use Medium to write fun articles touching on topics like technology, finance, inspiration, life lessons and personal development. I also created ‘All Things Stock’, a publication focusing on everything stocks. And through Twitter, I connected with like-minded people who were interested in contributing to the publication.

To me it was awesome that a user of my app StockSwipe enjoyed reading the publication enough to want to engage and contribute to it. Together we have written some awesome stories and we are slowly growing the publications audience.

I hope this motivates others to at least entertain the idea. I myself never saw value in it until I started building my apps and didn’t have enough friends and acquaintances around me to spread the word.

There is only so much you can do on your own in your basement. A strong network goes along way.

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