Chef Grant Van Gameren descaling fresh caught fish in Prince Edward County, Ontario

This year’s Earth Day feels heavier than normal. We’re missing our friends and our ability to enjoy the great outdoors together. With a global pandemic upon us, we have to think even more seriously about our environmental crises.

I thought it was an appropriate time to highlight our sustainability focus at Ace Hill. I want to not only provide awareness for our environmental partners, but also encourage other entrepreneurs and businesses to find their own ways to make a positive impact on sustainability issues, even in these trying times.

Believe it or…

We Decided to Avoid “Natural” Flavours, and Ended Up with Better Taste

When we started Ace Hill four years ago, our team and customers were just starting to care about the nutritional profile of their alcoholic drinks.

Since then, “better-for-you” offerings like White Claw and Nutrl have gained tremendous popularity. Even our buddy’s police hockey league of tough guys has started alternating between beer and low-cal vodka sodas in the locker room.

I’m really proud of what our team has accomplished with our new low-cal, real-fruit vodka sodas and wanted to share some of the backstory.

Blake introducing our new low-cal, real-fruit vodka sodas to the Ace Hill team

Over the past few…

Dear Friends — we’ve got some exciting new products to share this spring/summer!

When we started Ace Hill two years ago, we thought we might just have one beer: a crisp, premium Pilsner. Over time, we realized our customers wanted more options from us and we’ve been loving the process of product innovation.

Our goal at Ace Hill is to provide customers with high-quality, easy-drinking beverages that are best served with good times + good friends.

We want to be there for your moments of happiness, adventure and culture. We want to provide something delightful on the field of a…

The Ace Hill team toasting our new partnership with Porter Airlines

Ace Hill sold its first beer in January 2016 to a beloved dive bar in Toronto’s Kensington Market called Ronnie’s Local. Today — a year and a half and lots of beer later — we’re proud to announce our new partnership with Porter Airlines. We wanted to share a few thoughts about working with Porter, our journey to get here and where we’re headed.

Ace Hill x Porter Airlines

As of today Ace Hill is the new exclusive beer on Porter flights. This is an exciting moment for our team, as we’ve long admired Porter’s refined flying experience and entrepreneurial spirit.

Ace Hill and Porter…

Our co-founder Blake Anderson keeping his hands warm while brewing an early and super small batch of Vienna Lager, Winter 2014

Ace Hill has become a popular beer company in Ontario, and while we have achieved a lot of brand awareness and distribution since launching a year and a half ago, we’ve got a message for our fellow dreamers and entrepreneurs: don’t be fooled by any appearance of “overnight success.”

It may be a cliche by now that “startups are hard” and we’re definitely not here to dispel that myth. Startups are very, very, VERY hard. It’s hard to develop a product your customers will love. It’s hard to grow sales. It’s hard to build a brand. …

Ace Hill Yard Party 2017

The genesis of Ace Hill traces back to over five years ago, when our co-founder Blake Anderson started making beer out of his garage in super small batches. But what began as a one-man homebrew operation in Blake’s garage has quickly grown into a creative beer brand with a strong cultural presence. Along the way we’ve been driven by a staunch belief in community, captured by an old saying that “those who go together, go further.”

We get a kick out of building amazing experiences with others. From our origins as a founding team to…

Ace Hill

We make high-quality, easy-drinking beverages that are best served with good times + good friends.

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