Introducing: Summer of Ace

Ace Hill Beer
Apr 11, 2018 · 4 min read

Dear Friends — we’ve got some exciting new products to share this spring/summer!

When we started Ace Hill two years ago, we thought we might just have one beer: a crisp, premium Pilsner. Over time, we realized our customers wanted more options from us and we’ve been loving the process of product innovation.

Our goal at Ace Hill is to provide customers with high-quality, easy-drinking beverages that are best served with good times + good friends.

We want to be there for your moments of happiness, adventure and culture. We want to provide something delightful on the field of a music festival, on the dock at a cottage and at all the great bars and restaurants across Ontario.

We’ve been working hard on these new products and have received great feedback and collaboration from customers and early adopters, including our friends and partners at Brunswick Bierworks.

Below is the story behind each release. We hope you you get to enjoy these refreshing beverages and join us for a Summer of Ace!

Light: A Craft Version of a Classic, Mexican-Style Light Lager

We’ve always been intrigued by light beer. Widely enjoyed. Highly crushable. Waistline friendly.

We weren’t in love with many of the light beers out there and wanted to provide a craft option for the category.

The Ace Hill Light is inspired by the great light lagers of Mexico. In a nod to the style, we used high-quality flaked corn to facilitate an extra smooth body. To provide a craft spin, we balanced the profile with Wakatu hops, a favourite for craft brewers. The result is a light beer with a nice touch of character.

This release also carries forward our interest in sessionable lagers from different brewing traditions around the world, joining the arc of our Pilsner (Czech) and Vienna Lager (Austrian).

Suggested pairing: a dock + a lime.

Radler: A Refreshing Radler Made With Our Pilsner and Organic Citrus Juice

Radlers originate from Germany, dating back to the 1920s when thousands of cyclists crashed a local party in a small village. The host didn’t have enough beer, so he blended beer 50/50 with fruit sodas… and the rest was history. In fact, Radler means “cyclist” in German.

We started working on our Radler in collaboration with our friends at Greenhouse Juice through a few community events we hosted last year. We mixed our beers with some of their cold-pressed organic juices and the results were delectable.

This inspired us to develop the Ace Hill Radler on a commercial scale, where we’ve maintained our commitment to using real organic citrus juice and have blended it with our flagship Pilsner.

Pineapple: An Easy-Drinking Vodka Soda with a Splash of Organic Pineapple Juice

This was a fun idea based on a simple observation: we don’t drink just beer, and neither do our customers. Sometimes you just want a sessionable cocktail!

Vodka Soda with a splash of pineapple is a drink we’d been enjoying at bars and restaurants and we’d noticed many “ready-to-drink” products at the LCBO were a little too sugary, sweet or artificial tasting for our preference.

We wanted to develop an Ace Hill-style product for the category: a premium, easy-drinking cocktail with a tropical vibe.

The product is a light-tasting Vodka Soda with a splash of organic pineapple juice that pairs well with… everything summer.

In closing, we wish you a spring/summer that looks and feels like the Crew of Ace scene below.

The Ace Hill Team

Ace Hill Beer

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We make high-quality, easy-drinking beverages that are best served with good times + good friends.

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