Moving Beyond ‘Film vs. Digital’
The Academy

(Speaking as someone with nearly 40 years in the computer animation business…who still has thousands of working animations, pictures, essays and programs from the first days and throughout (easily 99.999% of everything I’ve ever committed to bits and bytes))...I think the most sure way to ensure that films are available in the future is to distribute millions of extremely high-quality digital reproductions on extremely high-quality media. That way, future historians will (hopefully) be able piece together a perfect reproduction even if they have to mix-and-match up hundreds or even thousands of copies. And that way people will be able to continue to view the creations, keeping them alive in the public’s collective mind. On the other hand, if you just put them in the cloud and only let people download a limited-time self-destructive copy, the chance of ever-lasting availability plummets.

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