The Battle of the Thermostat — 5 Reasons Why

Does the battle of the thermostat rage in your home? Here are 5 reasons why men and women may have a hard time agreeing when the air conditioning is too hot or too cold.

Women Are Colder Than Men.
The bodies of women keep more heat around their internal organs. Their fat-to-muscle ratio is higher than a man’s and fat is very good at holding temperatures in — as inside the body leaving a woman’s extremities cold. Women really are colder. Want unusual proof? Look at the “EN tag” on a sleeping bag from a supplier like REI. You’ll find two lower-limit comfort temperatures one for “standard woman” and one for “standard man”.

Hotter Is Better?
Just could be — at least for the office building. A Cornell University professor found that increasing the office air conditioning temperature from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit reduced typing errors by 44% and increased typing output by 150%. Something to consider in this keyboard dominated world.

Change Clothes Along With The Thermostat.
Office buildings in Japan found that by relaxing the dress code in an environment where suits were the norm by allowing men to take off their coats and loosen their collar, they could turn the thermostat higher. Google turned up the thermostats in data centers and let employees wear shorts. Even, Wal-Mart has joined the trend, allowing a relaxed dress code for warmer A/C settings.

Save The Planet.
Or, at least help the environment. Japan’s Cool Biz program that turned thermostats up to 82 degrees Fahrenheit saved an estimated 460,000 of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s a big deal — especially if more follow the lead.

You Will Adapt.
Those cold office buildings lead to women opening windows to raise the temperature while men work comfortably. Fact is that if the indoor temperature is closer to the outdoor temperature, bodies are more in tune with the actual environment. Your body will adjust to the higher temperature and the war of the thermostat might declare an armistice.

You want to save money, too, and to do what’s right for the environment. Think about trying a slightly higher temperature — one that makes the women happy — at home when summer rolls around. But, don’t think you’re going to make it through those hot, humid days without that A/C. Make sure you book your pre-season air conditioning checkup from a registered Air Conditioning Repair Phoenix AZ company. Bring on the battle of the thermostat or settle for some savings with a higher setting — but make sure your air conditioner is problem free and ready to go to work problem free.