Connecting the Tech Community with DevComm

Adewale Abati ♠
Jan 4, 2018 · 2 min read members in Lagos.

The Tech community in Nigeria has grown considerably well in the last months thanks to so many initiatives and individuals empowering people — developers, designers etc — to become better versions of themselves all over the country.

For long, it’s been believed that Lagos is the only place to find awesome talent. This is very wrong as the last year has shown.

forLoop, Hotelsng internship, Andela, CoLab, Start Innovation Hub and so many other organizations and individuals have worked to prove that talent is evenly distributed.

And this brings me to DevComm —

In simple terms, DevComm is a directory of techies all across the country. DevComm hopes to make two things easier. Identifying and connecting with members around you and having access to opportunities and event information regardless of where you are. at the time of this writing.

On one hand, the entire process involves you signing up, choosing a primary location, adding social information that you’d like to make available for anyone to reach you on and indicating if you’d like to receive opportunities and event updates.

Egwuenu Gift’s profile on DevComm.

And on the other hand, event organizers, competitions, training programs, schemes and people willing to provide opportunities to members of the community can also use this platform to reach out to just the audience that match what they require or would like to reach either by location or by interests.

DevComm’s promotion page at

As at the time of this writing, DevComm already has 200 signups from various states across the country and people excited about the prospects of this platform. It is an active work in progress and open sourced at and open issues are available at

I am absolutely looking forward to having the lot of us on the platform, PRs and feedback to make this work as it should and solve the problem it is designed for.

I hope this helps us take a step towards a more connected and accessible community across Nigeria.


Adewale Abati ♠

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Web Engineer, Tech Lifestyle YouTuber, Public speaker, building communities & Open Source

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