Take Charge of Your Meetups with the Gathered App

Keep track of contacts and connects you make at your meetups with Gathered

Looking at the rapidly growing tech ecosystem in Nigeria, meetups are like the in-thing right now. And we love it! 😀

But it doesn’t end there, meetups are being held all across the world, and some of these meet-ups make use of Meetup’s awesome service.

But how do we take our meetups a step further?

We go to events, see people giving talks, sharing ideas and making what they know or do public to any one who cares to listen… Sometimes we see people we’ve known probably on Twitter but not fully certain of what they do. This leads to some of the awesome interaction going to flames after the meet-up.

Exchanges at a meet-up in Lagos, Nigeria featuring Christian Nwamba, Babajide Duroshola, Me and Osioke Itseuwa

Fast forward a month later, a friend needs a PHP developer but you can’t recommend any even though you just attended a Laravel Nigeria Meetup. 😭

Well, this is where Gathered comes in.

The Gathered App

It’s simple, Gathered is a mobile app that allows you keep connects you meet at various meet-ups, a bit of their contact information and of course what they do and then you can go on to share or make use of this information yourself later on.

Adding a connect from a meetup event

How does it Work?

Gathered leverages on the awesome service provided by the Meetup platform and its API. Authentication is done through Meetup’s auth service and for new users, you can choose to add extra contact details such as Twitter, Facebook, Phone and Email details that you are willing to share with members of meet-ups you attend.

Some of the checked in users at the recent Google I/O Extended 2017 Lagos event.

From this list of checked in users who have added contact details they are willing to share, you can add to your connects, search for a particular keyword, view and/or share their profile

A search for developer in a user’s connect list.

Gathered is an open source app — built on Ionic 2, Meetup API and Firebase — dedicated to improving the connectivity at our events. It’s currently available on the Google Play Store and it’s also open to ideas and contributions and bug fixing 😂 on Github.

Use Gathered for your next meet up and help spread the word! ♠️🔥