Touring Devcenter and Nerve Mobile — AceKYD Lagos Tech Tour

Day 1 — Devcenter and Nerve Mobile

It’s the end of the day and the last couple of hours have been nothing short of amazing. I’m as excited as I am exhausted. Started the day off meeting with Chike and Thadeus, volunteers for today’s ride along. Meeting them for the first time actually :)

Then we headed on to Devcenter in Surulere for the first tour. Devcenter was extremely welcoming. So much fiery content and words shared it took me hours to bring it down to a couple minutes. Phew! We talked about exciting projects to come and of course, the community. If you are yet to join Devcenter’s community of techies, do so now!

On to Nerve Mobile in Yaba. We almost got lost lol, a small office where magic happens in Lagos, Nigeria. We chatted extensively about their product called NerveFlo that helps with the discovery and distribution of digital content across Africa. They recently released their android app so for more information, check it out here! We also played the XBox 360 of course.🕺

Chike withThadeus and Silas of Nerve Mobile

That’s it for day 1. Looking forward to tomorrow’s journey. Can’t wait!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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