From Some Designer to The One Designer : Where is your feel factor?

Artist establishes connection between art and the viewer, how they are connecting is not his concern.

Clients who are serious about design of their product and don’t want to launch a website or app with same landing page as of other thousands out there will definitely emphasize on one thing — The “FEEL” of it.

If you don’t indulge the feel what your product head or CEO is asking for, then no matter how incredible and cutting edge design you produce, it won’t be accepted. This is something which you should get through your head and during initial designs try to get the feel thing right.

Many people or designers are not able to understand the significance of feel which comes through their design. They do everything right yet the design is not accepted and their only lead is “It doesn’t feel right Mr. Designer. Try again.”

You need to feel this experiment my friend.

Step 1

Collect mobile phones of 5 different companies, Samsung, I-phone, MI, One plus and…gosh I don’t even know name of 5 mobile companies,ummm…. now I see it “Oppo”, just saw their 3 consecutive billboards through my window.

Step 2

Blind fold our patient( Designer) and hand him the mobile phones one by one and ask him if he can identify the company.

Probable Results

If you will conduct this experiment with multiple people, you will find out that people are able to identify I-Phone very quickly. Why is that? You know the answer. The feel of it is enough to identify it. Your design must have that expressiveness. Got it?

Always try to design expressive interfaces from beginning.

Try to design an interface which feels like home to the user rather than something catchy until you are designing for inspiring others. For people to sign in and continue with your product they must connect with your idea and execution of it in first 30 secs. They will scroll here and there, if they don’t find anything related to their mindset or their feel, they are going to go away.

So to increase your user retention statistics, you need to research how you can include the feel of your design. For that, dwell on the fact that why you were able to identify the I-Phone easily but not other brands.

Nobody will provide you extra time for such researches, so do it whenever possible to deliver better results and live a happier life with more accepted designs.

This is the 3rd part of my series “From Some Designer to The One Designer.”

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