Combat Integration: The First Year of Firsts
Secretary of Defense

We need to veer from inclusive and remain successful. Everyone is getting hyped about “women first” events. I think this is not only ridiculous, but regressive. We should not treat women differently or lower standards so they be placed in positions they would be originally unqualified for. Instead, simply choose the best; regardless of sex. In the military, the double standards is a sign that it knows males are naturally physically superior, so there is a separate set of standards so that women can not only pass, but achieve a high score on their own, exclusive scale. The decision is not male or female, black or white. Instead, who is the best qualified (when all variables are compared on a uniform scale). There are women who will outperform men. There are men that will outperform women. That should not mean changing the rules of the game so more unqualified can play. Instead, keep the rules the same and change the training regiment of the unqualified so they can play and progress the game.