August 29th 2017

The shooter Nathan Jouett who killed 2 people and injured 4 in New Mexixo at the Clovis-Carver library is more trouble than you may have thought. He has a very weird fasnation with Nazism, Dylann Roof (the mass shooter who killed 9 African American at the Charleston Church) and Timothy McVeigh (the Oklahoma city bomber that killed 168 and injured 680 people). He also seems to dislike communists. His Tumblr archive seems to show a darker side to him (I’M POSTING THE LINK ALL THE WAY AT THE BOTTOM).

Now I won’t go and say he is a white supremacist himself, but you can connect the dots yourself. This isn’t likely to be on the news or to go viral like other shootings. This is due to his identity not being revealed to the public. It’s a shame this young disturbed man did what he did.

You can clearly see the darkness. The books he has on his page look to be very dark themselves. Why would a young 16 year old boy be so interested in this stuff. From his Facebook page he looks to have plenty of friends and close to his family. I believe he also has/or had a girlfriend. So there is no clear hint of anti-socialism. Could it be bullying or drugs or something of that nature. What is clear is he was radicalized by the stuff he seen online. The many Nazi symbols the clear indicator of insanity. Could this be a result of the rise of the AltRight?

On that note I think this calls for parents to monitor what their kids see on the Internet. This boy obviously found these images in his archives on the Internet. He obviously tried to copycat the mass shooters he seemed very interested in. In any case please watch over your children everyone.