Junior developer tips 01

Hello everyone ! This is my first post in Medium and how this is my first post, first of all I think I should introduce myself. So, ehmm… , hi :) my name is Juan and I’m a junior developer and a data lover.

I finished my college studies in 2015 ( Computer Science in the University of Seville, Spain ) and I have been working ever since as a Developer in a little startup.

I have encouraged to start this blog cause I had read a lot of blog from other developers that have a lot of experience, and these are very cool, but there’re just a few blogs from the point of view of a junior dev and I think that this could be interesting.

I want to share my experiences, my problems, my solutions and read what do you think about these.

So I want to start from the most important problem that I faced when I finished college. The problem before I got a job and it was how to be always updated with all languages and new technologies. So here is my tip 01:

Update yourself or become obsolete

Staying in what you know is not an option.

So how can you be updated? I’ve read a lot (really, a lot ) of learning methodologies and I tried to apply them for learning new things everyday. After have using them, I have my own method and it’s similar to Joseph Jude’s method.

Thanks to Joseph Jude for this routine that helped me. and his fantastic blog

So that first part that you will need to be updated and learn new things is reading. You must read, read a lot. I will say again, you must read a lot. Blogs, books (technical and not technical), feeds, code from other people.

Read make us smart, creative. We learn to change our point of view when we face problems. Don’t be afraid of not understand something that you read.

There will be no reading from which you will not learn something new

Also you can use other tools from learn new things like YouTube or listen a podcast while you’re going to some place. These are some tools that I use for learn new technologies and be always updated:

  • Reding: Twitter, Medium, Wired, Feedly, Clean Code, Clean Coder
  • YouTube: Talks at google, LaraconEU, PythonConference, Google Developers
  • Podcasts: Fast Forward, The Changelog, Simple Programmer Podcast

For last, the other thing that will help you to being updated is communication. I know, I know…this is not easy, but communication is essential for our job.

We must communicate with others developers if we need help. We must communicate with other developers to learn new things and develop better skills. For this reason I try to go to all meetings that some developers organize in my city and improve my socials skills. Meet-up is a must for this.

Last Sevilla Developers Conference. Was a cool experience.

This will help you to get in touch with new ideas and you will learn to change your point of view when you need to face some problems. Speak with other people and listen them will improve you as developer and as a person.

Ok, here finish my 01 tip. I wish to read about your methodologies for being always updated and how to manage all the flow of information.

And for the next post, what would you like to know about my junior developer experience? What kind of things would you like to read?

Have a lovely day.