Facebook, Apple and Business Culture

I often ask myself, what kind of business culture does big companies like Apple have and how do they work it. All companies have different style of business manage, such as Facebook. The way Facebook work in their office is a horizontal type of management where everyone shares their opinions and ideas. Also, Facebook works in a transparent type of management which allows them to see everyone, shares information and be comfortable working with each other. In my opinion, working like how Facebook does is very interesting and can produce a good outcome to the company but the down side of it is that, you cannot keep any secrets and i think that’s is a bit scary.

On the other hand, Apple company where the late protagonist Steve Jobs works differently from Facebook. I’ve learned in the class the way Apple works and it was quite different form what I have thought. There is a very clear vision of hierarchy and the way the information goes is from top to bottom. Unlike Facebook, workers are not allowed to work in other areas besides their specialty because they think that it is more efficient and more faster to work if they do this kind of work policy. This style is of management I believe is like the way company operates in the early 19th century and I think it works because Apple is of the most successful companies in the Information Technology industry.