Kcash Product Service Update Announcement:

Yesterday, the wallet balance of some Kcash users could not be updated. With the help of Achain’s technical team, the Kcash service has returned its stability. Below is the explanation of what occurred and an update on the current state of operations:

1. All the transfer transactions based on Achain are normal. The Kcash wallet and Achain’s native wallets can initiate transfer payments normally.

2. Due to the large number of new users anticipated to join the Kcash service. The Kcash team is optimizing and upgrading their wallet’s process for obtaining blockchain data. Occasionally, the Kash network is unstable during the upgrade process. This is the factor that led to the wallet issues experienced over the last couple days. The Kcash development team will solve the problem as soon as possible.

3. Kcash uses different mechanisms to obtain data from different blockchains. In the iterative process, some third-party services (such as Achain browser) are used to support this process. Kcash also receives help and suggestions from main chain teams like Achain to create more stable services. Achain is assisting through this process, in support of its ecosystem and token holders.

4. The upgrade will be completed by Kcash in the next week, during this period, please contact Kcash customer service if you meet any problems. (Kcash Customer Service telegram:@KcashCustomerService)

*As always at the Achain Foundation we strive to provide the best support, and uninterrupted functionality to the platform. We apologize for the delay in this announcement, but it was essential to identify the exact issues beforehand and to help Kcash lay out a roadmap to repair the service issue.