Show us your best Achain meme and win 1000ACT

Achain Community “Achains King of the meme contest”

Let’s see your creative side and join us to compete for “Achains King of the meme”!


1, The contest lasts from the time of announcement to 9:00 May 4, 2018 (GMT+8). Players are encouraged to use your creative talents and create your own Achain or ACT -related meme, GIF or JPG pictures, short videos, etc.

2, How to enter: Post your work on Twitter at 14:00–14:30 May 4, 2018 (GMT+8) and @AchainOfficial on Twitter or use tag #Achain.

3, The final selection: The top five will be determined according to the number of reviews and likes.

4, Every player can enter twice. The work that earns the most votes wins, and the player will be honored as “Achain meme king”.


1, “Achain meme King” will be rewarded 1000ACT.
2, Top five will be rewarded with 500, 300, 200, 100 ACT rewards respectively.

Small Tips:
* Participate in the competition with a polite manner and mutual respect. We encourage positive spirit and prohibit vulgar stuff.
* All time limits are subject to the statistics recorded by the administrator.
* Show your talents, whether your work is humorous, profound or full of emojis, we are looking forward to seeing your entries!