I basically agree with what the authors wrote.
Mark Pawelek

Please name the Gen-4 reactor technology which uses 1. inherently safe coolants and fuels, 2. has high temperature output that can run a Brayton cycle, 3. reactor and heat exchangers are compact enough to be modularised 4. Atmospheric pressure operation 5. can be mass produced similar to jet engines

It is certain that we will lock-up with a single dominant technology for the next 50 years.

Not naming the technology will create ambiguity. If we call every technology “advanced”, we may end being locked-up again with a wrong choice. When we make our technology choice, we need to be extremely wise.

I’m convinced that these 5 tricks can be achieved by a Fluid Fuel Reactor technology like Molten Salt Reactors. If some other technology does this trick please let me know. Please keep mentioning the name of technology in all discussions, in order to prevent yet another lock-in with a technology that may not do all the tricks you mention. Thanks-Achal