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I couldn’t make it past the second episode. The show has no subtlety, in its ideas or in its aesthetic.

Usually a TV series or a book only hints at what the author is trying to say. Sometimes they go so far as to show how that idea reflects on the characters, but with Black Mirror, they shove it down the audience’s throat multiple times an episode. It’s hand-holding to the worst degree. I half expected one of the viewers during the bestiality segment to say, “what have we come to?”


And as far as its visuals, did we really need to see a man f*cking a pig for a couple minutes?

If the episode cut only when the PM agreed to do the deed, it would have accomplished the same idea → The audience cheers the for the event to happen and then reveal the kidnappers true vision right at that moment. The PM is shamed, and so is the audience… and so are we, THE TRUE AUDIENCE.

wow so deep.

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