Primitive Divinity.

In the case of so vivid a thing as the sun’s brightness, many other sensations beside those out of which science draws the qualities attributed to that heavenly body adhere in the primitive mind to the phenomenon. Before he is a substance, the sun is a God. He is the benefice and vitally necessary no less than bright and high; he rises upon all opportunities in the light and sets upon all that in darkness. He is divine, since all life hang upon his quite-calculated revolutions. His appearing and eclipsing are life and death events in our world. As the sensations of light and heat are projected upward together to signify the greatness of projecting those attributes in oneself, so are the feelings of pleasure, fear of survival and faith of the lion, which he brings into the soul are projected into his spirit; and to this spirit, more than to anything else, energy, independence, and substantiality are originally attributed. The emotions felt in his presence being the ultimate lifeskill and term of his effect on us, the counterpart or shadow of those emotions is regarded as the first and deepest factor in his causality.

It is his divine life, more than anything else that underlies his shadows and influences which he propagates; light. The substance or independent existence attributed to any matter of relevance is by no means only a physical notion. What is conceived to support the physical qualities is a pseudo science or as I’d dare to call it; vital force. It is a moral and living object that we construct, building it up out of all the knowledge material, reactional, and sensuality, which lie at hand in our consciousness to be synthesised into the hybrid reality, which we are to fancy confronting us.

Be like the Sun.

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