Plenty of liberals donate to charity. Your hateful comment has no merit.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Dear Victoria,

First of all, every survey I have seen (and I do mean every) re the political make up re charitable contributions, it has been noted that people who admit to being either a liberal, a Democrat, a Green, or Socialist, tend to shy away from charitable causes. Conservatives tend to give over twice as much (probably because of religious reasons) than the aforementioned grouping.

Secondly, your over-use of the word “hateful”, along with “hate”, “misogynist”, “racist”, “homophobe” blah, blah, blah only dilutes their true meaning and application. Furthermore, it negates your comments and opinions since you don’t wish, or can’t contribute, in a meaningful manner, to an honest discussion, particularly with someone with a different point of view.

I, for one am not a Liberal or Conservative. I am an independent thinker with a libertarian point of view. If you don’t know what that means or entails, I suggest you Google the word or better still check it out the old fashion way, in a dictionary.

Have a nice life Victoria and if and when you have children don’t forget to “teach your children well”.

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