Alien Covenant

Alien Covenant was a good film, a good sequel, a good way to explain things between “Prometheus” and the Alien franchise. Good cast, James Franco was in it? Believe it or not he was but for like five minutes, rest of the cast did an excellent job! As for the film, the story was good, I was expecting it to be a thriller/horror but i would say it was more pushing Sci-fi/Action. (Spoilers) The Alien parts or any death were not really scary, more like funny, or like really? or “You deserve to die for being that dumb”(End of Spoilers). Alien Covenant was good, the story was entertaining and overall is one of the those films you will only pay once to see or wait until is released in dvd, it is better than “Prometheus” in my opinion and I found it somewhat boring!

I rate this movie: Fucking Yeah!